What We Do

  • Enable Improbable Partnerships to optimize international development delivery.
  • Focus on the world's highest human and social potential, specializing in Fragile States and Emerging Markets within China and Russia’s increasing engagement across Eurasia and Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Champion companies and communities as the drivers of social change and blended returns.


Some examples of our previous work leading the GRAY IMPACT:

  • developed partnerships between the world’s largest logistics companies and UN Agencies in Myanmar;
  • analysed innovative public-private partnerships across South Asia for UNICEF for political space and results;
  • provided analysis and solutions to communications firms and agricultural firms in Central Asia;
  • supported IT systems for Ministries’ North-South ambitions;
  • created trilateral relations between a private company, fund manager, and UN Agency in Sub-Saharan Africa;
  • provided diagnostics business development mapping tools for UN, INGOs, and international organizations focusing on non-traditional public-private opportunities;
  • launched a partnership between one of Europe’s largest Health Tech companies and a UN Agency;
  • developed engagement strategies for UN Agencies and INGOs for companies;
  • developed partnerships between non-renewable service providers and INGOs in South East Asia;
  • developed public-private consortia in Eastern Ukraine; prepared regular analysis on the Belt and Road Initiative (and CCB);
  • established health procurement public-private partnerships in Pakistan;
  • stewarded insurance companies’ engagement with UN Agencies;
  • catalogued and established road maps for companies’ interests and challenges in working with international organizations’ specific projects and programmes.
  • And more examples available to discuss anytime.


Impact Investment Alignment

Connecting firms to the UN and international organizations

INGO Upstream Support

Providing partnerships and programme solutions

Partnerships Value Index (PVI)

Measuring a programme’s gray impact (the impact value of partnerships)


Non-profit systems support to local organizations

Please contact us for more details of our work.