INGO Upstream Support

At Gray Impact, we Support the Supporters.

We are providing humanitarian and development INGOs with:
  • Partnerships support via donor mapping, strategic alignment, and provision of products.
  • Project Management and Systems support to delivery

INGOs are operating in an increasingly competitive environment limiting their resources for robust Partnerships engagement, and Project Management support. These Systems are required for an INGO to optimize their upstream business development, and the downstream delivery.

We provide an outsourced option for INGOs to address these Partnerships needs with:
  • Tools, such as partnership engagement strategies, donor snapshots, donor mapping, and the use of the Lighthouse diagnostics partnerships tool to align your mandate to potential partners.
  • Approaches, such as best practices of how to make first contact, coordinated outreach, and pre-positioning.
  • Networks, such as traditional donors and key focal points, IFIs, emerging donors, private sector, foundations, VCs, etc, who share common unknown interests.

For Programme Management, we provide practical expertise from the world’s leading school of Major Programme Management at Oxford University. We assess the causes of Programme Management’s risks which stem from the planning fallacy, HR, and the lack of contextual understanding. We assess and address this with a variety of solutions from over a dozen industrial sectors, and an equal amount of humanitarian sectoral focus (WASH, FoodSec, Shelter, Nutrition, others).

Please contact us for more details of our work.