Impact Investment Alignment

Gray Impact connects private or public firms to UN Agencies and International Organizations' projects and people. We take a tailored approach with different stages of mapping, business intelligence, and introductions.

Under the ambition of the SDGs, Gray Impact sees Impact Investment as a safeguard of firms and organizations’ success: the bottom lines are now driven by more than financials, profits are being calculated by social metrics. To succeed, value -and values- will need to be bridged between firms and UN Agencies, multinational organizations, INGOs, new Eastern IFIs, and local groups.

To achieve this, Gray Impact is your intermediary broker. We have an ever-increasing catalogue of viable projects and results-driven project leaders from UN Agencies, UN Funds and programmes, International NGOs and local NGOs. This catalogue is a menu carefully managed on a rolling basis. It is presented to firms keen to invest with resources or with technical exchange in organizations’ projects or programmes for blended returns. The motivations of firms to partner with organizations range from knowledge access, to market access, contextual connections, local networks, reputation, to shared technical development. The motivations of organizations are equally diverse, however both sides always have an assured common objective of social returns and sustained development, via Improbable Partnerships.

We connect companies to the right development projects and the right people, for the right reasons.

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