Gray Impact

Connects companies with international organizations to strengthen social and financial returns.


We work in emerging markets and fragile states along the routes between South-Eastern Asia and Southern Africa. We are focused on China and Russia's increasing global engagement, anchored in our experience in their bordering countries of Central and South-East Asia,CIS, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Who We Are

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Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, we are a newly created group of programme management and partnerships experts from various technical sectors within international development and the private sector.

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What We Do

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Enable Improbable Partnerships to optimize international development delivery...

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Our Services
Impact Investment Alignment

Connecting firms to the UN and international organizations

INGO Upstream Support

Providing partnerships and programme solutions

Partnerships Value Index (PVI)

Measuring a programme’s gray impact (the impact value of partnerships)


Non-profit systems support to local organizations

We offer an average of 15 years multisectoral experience in programme management and partnerships in emerging markets and fragile states. We have worked across Eurasia and Sub-Saharan Africa in Chinese, Arabic, French, Persian and Russian contexts. Let’s talk in your language and build ideas for the future.


Gray ImpactBecause Impact isn’t Black and White

We are reachable by email or phone anytime, or available at many of the leading Impact Conferences in Eurasia and Africa.


Saabyesvej 8, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2100.

Phone: +45 20424690